National Treasure

I was doing some internet window shopping the other night in hopes that the NCAA offered past tournament games on DVD.  In particular, I was looking for the Michigan State – UConn national semifinal from 2009.

I couldn’t find the game on DVD, but I found it here instead.  Holy Moses!  Whoever conceived of the Vault deserves a raise (and probably a giant thank you from marriage counselors everywhere).  The idea that you can choose from any of thousands of tourney games and watch them whenever you like is mind-blowing, but maybe not so mind-blowing as the fact that I’d never heard of it and only stumbled across it by accident.

Anyhow, I really enjoyed watching that semifinal game because it demonstrated that even at the highest level of college basketball, a team can beat a superior opponent through sheer force of will and determination.  When I looked at the box score while writing this post, I was surprised to see that each team had 42 rebounds, although MSU had 18 offensive rebounds to UConn’s 16.  I remember watching the game live and feeling like the Spartans came up with every rebound, loose ball, and hustle play.  Even if my eyes did deceive me, though, I would still make this game required viewing should I ever coach at a level higher than this.

Also, Stanley Robinson could jump insanely high.

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2 Responses to National Treasure

  1. Adam Kinnear says:

    OMG! And they don’t charge money for that? Now if the NFL went and did that I would never leave the house.

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